OpenCart Productivity Pack

Save time and simplify OpenCart administration
  • OpenCart Productivity Pack

8 extensions built to save time and simplify OpenCart administration:

  • Hide unnecessary fields and tabs from Admin >> Product and Category forms.
  • Hide Admin menu links that you don’t use.
  • Add new links to Admin menu. Order them by categories, and sort by sort numbers.
  • Preview Products in admin panel before editing or after hitting Save button.
  • Access product and other administration pages from FrontEnd while browsing through your store.
  • Automatically fill Meta Tag Titles while entering product title.
  • Set special prices for all products, selected categories, filters, manufacturers or their combinations in one click.

Add Links To Admin Menu

  • Add shortcuts to OpenCart modules or any other internal OpenCart pages.
  • Add links to your suppliers, social networks, analytics and other external pages.
  • Organize links by category, and sort them by sort number.

Admin Product Minifier

  • Save time and simplify OpenCart product administration.
  • Hide unneccesary fields and tabs from Admin >> Catalog >> Product form.

Admin Category Minifier

  • Save time and simplify OpenCart category administration.
  • Hide unneccesary fields and tabs from Admin >> Catalog >> Category form.

Admin Menu Minifier

  • Save time and simplify OpenCart administration.
  • Hide unneccesary admin menu items that you don’t use.

Admin Product Preview

Check how product looks like for a customer:

  • while scrolling through admin product list.
  • while editing product details.
  • after saving changes in the product page.

Autofill Meta Tag Title

  • Automatically fill Meta Tag Title while entering Product Name.

Product Statistics and Edit Links in FrontEnd

Access product and category edit forms while browsing your store from the FrontEnd (as a customer).

View product statistics:

  • when product was added
  • how many times viewed
  • how many sold
  • how much left in stock

View category and manufacturer statistics:

  • how much products
  • total product views
  • total products sold

Only logged in store administrators see this bar.

Mega Sales Lite

  • Set special prices for categories, filters, manufacturers and their combinations in one click.

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Available versions: OCMOD and VQMOD. VQMOD is required for v2.1.0.2 and older OpenCart versions.
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